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RuneScape Update - Missing My Mummy 
04:16pm 19/05/2009
  There are many secrets hidden in the depths of the desert. Forgotten tombs of forgotten rulers from a forgotten time, when the world was a very different place...or at least they were forgotten. The spread of human civilisation, however, means that many of the hidden corners of the world are being uncovered, often by treasure-hunters with little regard for preserving the sanctity of these ancient places.
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Summoning Upgrade and Hairstyles 
02:14pm 28/04/2009
  One of the core aims of Upgrade Year is that we take a close look at existing content and make it better – this week this concerns Summoning and hairstyles: better usability, more pets and the return of the fringe.
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Tale of the Muspah 
05:30pm 21/04/2009
  Experienced adventurers will be familiar with Fremennik rites of passage, and the difficulties they present. It’s little wonder, then, that Fremennik children are always on the lookout for an easier path to adulthood, and Erjolf is no exception. Full of enthusiasm but short on skills, Erjolf will need your assistance if he is going to impress his kinsfolk.

Join him in his quest for a trophy, unravel the puzzling story behind a curious corpse, and discover the dark secrets of one of the most fearsome races to ever walk in Gielinor. You may find one or two useful allies along the way, who are willing to lend a helping hand.

It’s been great to work on a quest that involves one of RuneScape’s most mysterious races, and develop a plotline that’s been around since the early days of RuneScape. This is the first part of a new quest series, and paves the way for following quests.

Mod Roderick
RuneScape Content Developer
LJ RS Clan recruitment... 
08:40pm 28/01/2008
mood: annoyed
Greetings fellow Runescapians.....

A few of us LJers got together one Sunday morning and developed the birth of yet another LJ Clan... After a slow, but study start we are ready to open the clan up to other RS-lovin' LJer like yourself. If you are interested in being a part of this new clan that tends to meet on Sundays (US time), please feel free to join us.

Requirements for joining:

-Must have an LJ account
-Must be Positive
-Must be open minded and kind to all members
-During Clan Wars, must willing to obey those in charge (thanks!)

Fairly simple stuff.

What do we do...mostly any kind of RS event and mini-game. So please feel free to join! We look forward to hanging out with you!


Clan site: clan_p_n_w
Hello everyone! 
10:49pm 02/03/2007
mood: optimistic

I am the webmaster of Meili's Runescape Pics, a website with Runescape information, history, stories and most of all, old pictures from RS1.

I also maintain The Runescape Wilderness blog. The url of this blog http://stripeybank.blogspot.com/ is from one of my favorite places to hang out in RS1 (the old version of Runescape, now known as Runescape Classic), the stripey bank in Ardougne. Since this was the bank closest to the lever for p2p wilderness, this is the bank most pkers and high levels used.

02:27pm 19/11/2006
mood: good
First off, as I do in every community I join, thank you for letting me join.

I've played runescape since the year it came out pretty much. Not necessarily the same day, but the same year. So a little history of myself. I started with a learning character, of which I cannot remember the name. However eventually I learned that I loved this game, and that I should create an account that I could use for the rest of the time. So, I created my current character: Sargan.

Granted, I'm only level 99, and I've had this account for going on 6 years. This game never seemed to get old. However just recently I started getting into it, which would explain the hike up in levels.

What I'm currently doing is getting my combat level to 100. That's all I want to do as far as combat goes. I love mining, and once my Level 100 goal is complete, I plan on training my mining to 99. It is currently Level 82. My best skill.

My clothing of choice: the brown hood and cape from castle wars, brown pirate pants, boots (white or leather, leather gloves. And of course, the rune pickaxe.

One of these days I'll take a screen shot of myself and my stats. Until then, happy gaming.
Poor lil mage gurl looking for friends.... 
11:54am 07/06/2006
  honest and good friend only!! I love runescape and create this account just to write about my adventures. I just opened, so there is nothing there yet, but be patient and soon you can read about my adventures in runescape!!

Take care and hope to hear from you.
09:59pm 01/06/2006

Pineapple pizza!

Come join the fun!!!!!!
Starts NOW!

World 27 rimmington!

Name is averiex!!!!!!!

Reply with
"PARTY" if you're on your way!!!!!
01:46pm 11/12/2005
  Recently I've decided to list my account on Ebay. Feel free to take a glance, it's a great character and would make a great gift for the holidays.

01:58pm 02/10/2005
  Hi, peoples. I joined this community last night, and just haven't felt like posting. My name on Runescape is Death Glomp or Dark Wabbit, I use Death Glomp more often, however. Death Glomp has a 31 in attack, 29 in strength, and 26 in defense. I'm usually on World 57. I run a clan, and am always accepting new members.

So, until next time, see ya! XD
06:17pm 14/05/2005
  hey just joined this community i play runescape if you want to find me there my screen name is Hylian Link4  
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03:53pm 16/04/2005
  I finally got my internet back in full swing and am back at Runescape. Trying to catch up on all the updates and play as well. How did the easter drop play out for you all?  
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12:28pm 18/02/2005
  I'm a member at runescape.com now!!!!  
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07:15pm 26/01/2005
mood: hyper
I just felt liek joining this comunity because I Love RuneScape

My user name is Flu_squirrel(do not call me flu it's FLUFFY)

right now im a level 42

I can be found in world 23

I also have another account but im never on it Miroku_lech

I LOVE RUNESCAPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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10:43pm 16/01/2005
  Does anyone happen to have an old account they aren't using that I might could have, high level.......can't hurt to ask, lol.  
10:34pm 16/01/2005
mood: busy busy busy
Name is Zach, I'm new.....I love runescape. My name on there is nomad5558 or wizard5558. I would love to make new friends so let me know all of your runescape names and I'll add you to my buddy list if that's ok. I'm mostly on world 52 or 4, so come find me, lol. Although I wont be back runescape till the 27th so dont look for me till then......GOT FREAKIN GROUNDED except for posting on lj, see ya
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10:44am 07/01/2005
mood: giddy
x-posted to runescape

Hi everyone. I posted a few months (maybe even just a month) back, ragging about how I couldn't get them to accept a new password because I had lost my old one. I mean it's not like I want to play anymore, I just wanted to unsubscribe to my account. But even with the world play ID and the agreement ID and even a few of the oldest passwords I could remember.. Nothing was working. So today it dawns on me, I've known my old password all this time. So I filled out the form again with those two passwords I use pretty damn regularly.. And low and behold. They accepted it. So I was able to finally unsubscribe! HAAAAAA! :) happy is the Mookus.
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10:14am 05/12/2004
  hey guys I just joined this community. I'm a ehh semi long time runescape player. I made decent character for the 9 months i've been playing. My characters name is crispy182 and here are my statsCollapse )

hope to be a bit of help in the community. if you see something in my stats i can do or make feel free to ask.
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Hey guys/Girls 
03:29pm 29/11/2004
mood: anxious
Hey whats up? Yah I thought about joining beacuse id think it be fun to talk a bout my fav game online. My rs Name is Godofnight and im lvl 86 soon to be 87 im 70 73 70 40 Uhm.. YAh ANd I wanna Join A clan if Possible Thx And Uhm Feel Free To visit Me journal Thx!

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07:49am 27/11/2004
mood: determined
x-posted to runescape

I can't believe how stupid I am. I went ahead and forgot my Agreement ID and all that fun stuff.. And now I can't log back onto my runescape account! I don't play anymore, but I'm a subscribed member so they'll just keep charging and charging and charging... Stupid thing is, (this is the clencher) I FORGOT MY PASSWORD! I changed it so much to be safe from hackers that it's even safe from me! I've sent in 2 queries to Jagex and each time I've been denied because there's not enough information. Ugh!

Anyone got any suggestions? Even a hacker would be lovely right about now. I gave all my money away, my black (g) armor and all that fun stuff, so I don't really care if a hacker gets to my account anymore. I just want to unsubscribe dang it.
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